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ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> gretchen: coming up in our after the show show, we'll talk about what happened on the blake shelton cruise with these guys. >> brian: new your mission is to have a great weekend. watch "fox & friends" over the weekend as well. >> steve: see you monday, same time, same channel. control. vice president biden hitting the road to rally support for a new assault weapons ban, said to be tougher than anything we've seen before. but is his own party now in the way of passing that? it's friday. good morn everybody. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom.". martha: good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this proposal we're talking about was unveiled by senator dianne feinstein. it bans the sale of more than 150 types of semiautomatics and magazines with more than 10 round of ammo. there was a display
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yesterday afternoon. this bill set in motion after the tragedy of course that happened in newtown, connecticut. >> our weak gun laws allow massive killings to be carried out again and again and again in our country. bill: she says no guns are being taken away. people that have assault rifle will have to secure them. but the bill is facing tough opposition. tucker carlson, editor, daily caller. fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: in a word do you expect it to go anywhere? >> i do not. for the reason it doesn't address the core problem. it is silly. most people are horrified by series of school shootings all of which were carried out by the mentally ill. the question is how do you keep firearms away from people with mental problems? this bill does not address that at all. instead it addresses law-abiding citizens who have guns for self-protection or hunting, who pose no threat to anyone. it is an attack on people who are not the problem. for that reason it will not
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make it through the senate much less the whole congress. bill: we'll see what harry reid does. he says he is cautious putting his own members of the senate on record here. >> right. bill: you have said, you are writing about this, you said you think this is the dumbest legislation you've seen? how so? >> in the legislation the criteria irrelevant. this bans so-called military assault weapons. take a look at the definition of that. these are weapons with barrel shrouds which prevent you from burning your hand on the barrel or flash suppressors. nothing that have to do with the operation of a weapon. we heard lecturing of democrats along the lines you don't need these weapons to protect yourself. really? if that is the case i wonder if senator feinstein and members the administration would apply the same firearm restrictions to their own bodyguards? the answer is, of course not. they value their own lives. they understand, they want to be protected. they will continue to be protected. but the rest of us will have our right to self-defense, which is basic of all right.
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if you don't have the right to defend yourself, you have no rights, that is being chipped away by proposed legislation. bill: just one more thing. you hurt he had repeatedlyand wt from joe bide, we want to prevent sandy hook from happening again. >> who doesn't? bill: is there anything on the proposal based on what we understand came out of connecticut is would prevent sandy hook? is. >> you're talking about abridging the rights potentially of people that have done nothing wrong when you take away guns from the mentally ill. is that also take guns away from veterans that suffered ptsd? the point is we have a very clear problem with dangerously mentally ill people getting their hands on semiautomatic weapons. maybe congress should address that instead of taking away the right of the average person to hunt or defend himself. bill: we'll see if that
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happens. tucker carlson. out of washington. good to have you man. >> thanks. martha: during an online chat promoting the new gun law push, president biden was asked whether the new laws would infringe on the second amendment and need of protection in the event of a natural disaster. take a look at this. >> guess what, a shotgun will keep you a lot safer, a doush barreled shotgun than assault weapon in somebody's hand that doesn't know how to use it. even someone knows how to use it. you know it is harder to use an assault weapon to hit something than a shotgun. keep people away in an earthquake, buy shotgun shells. martha: the vice president says he is a firm believer in the second amendment and he is trying to keep guns out of the hands of bad people. bill: the nra they are not buying any of this. putting out a statement in response to the proposed legislation, quote, saying the quote, the american people know gun bans do not work and we're confident congress will reject senator feinstein's wrong-headed approach, end quote.
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martha: here is exactly what is in this proposed legislation. it would ban the future sale, transfer, manufacture, importation of 157 different specific kind of semiautomatic guns and would restrict magazines that contain more than 10 rounds. it exclude some weapons from the bill, like assault weapons used by military, law enforcement and retired law enforcement. the legislation does protect hunting and sporting firearms, excluding 2,000 legitimate hunting and sporting rifles and shot guns by specific make and model. coming up we'll speak to the director of communication from the gun owners of america. what his group thinks about this proposed assault weapons ban and what it would mean across the board. bill: there are thousands heading to the national mall today in washington for the annual march for life. abortion opponents are marking 40 years since the roe v. wade decision today. today's rally rather, will include a march to the steps of the u.s. supreme court.
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organizers already calling it the largest human rights demonstration the world has ever seen. in a moment a live report from washington on what is happening there today. martha: so you know what today is? today is tim geithner's last day as treasury secretary of the united states. before he walks out the door he was reflecting a bit on the state of the economic recovery and here's what he said. quote, the president makes fun of me, like always saying we're only in the 2nd inning but in terms of the american economic recovery, we are past the 7th inning stretch says tim geithner. so is he right as he leaves this economy in the hand of the rest of the administration at this point? stuart varney joins me now, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart, when i read that this morning, i thought really? is that really true? are we in the 7th inning stretch of this recovery? what say you? >> there are two sides of this argument. 2nd inning the team is down or 7th inning the team is in the homestretch. let me give you the 2nd inning our team is down
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first. next week we get a big picture on the state of the economy. it will be bad. growth of only 1%. that implies we're very early in this baseball game and our team is down. that is the negative side. the other side of the coin is this. we have really several bright spots in the economy. one, housing. building up, construction up. prices up. home sales all of them are up. that is a bright spot. that is leading us higher. second the stock market, dow industrials, only 300 points away from a all-time record high. your 401(k) is looking a lot better. domestic energy production is way up. if we build the pipeline and frack some more it will be up even more than that there are two sides in the argument. early in the game, our team is down or yes we are in the 7th inning and things are looking up as we head beyond the stretch. martha: here comes the part where stuart says, in my opinion, where are we, stuart? >> in my opinion we're still for the rest of this year going to bump along. i will give you a baseball
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analogy but we're bumping along the bottom. i think we'll get growth, maybe two, 2 1/2%, that mart, that is not good enough. we need four% for a consistent period of time to get our debt measureably under control. not going to get it. martha: tough to find the engines of growth when you look out there, stuart. >> could be energy, martha. martha: could be. thank you so much. good to talk to you as always, sir. bill: where i come from the 7th inning stretch means there are 2 1/2 innings of baseball to play and the other team can back and tie it up. martha: that's true. bill: i don't think it was a good analogy. american pastor in iran reportedly missing. saeed abedini facing the death penalty for trying to open upchurches. his family yesterday tried to visit him. we're told he is not there. where is he today? peter doocy on this in washington and does his family have any idea where he is? >> no, bill.
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pastor saeed even from prison in iran every wednesday and they're allowed to voice i am in jail every other thursday. two days ago there was no call. when she showed up yesterday the guards told them that pastor saeed was not there. they should come back saturday when the main office is open. the pastor's whereabouts are unknown and his wife in idaho is very worried. >> every day is a big deal. every day counts. every day my hope is that we can get the word out and we can get him home, get him back to the u.s. soon, and, it been too long since he has been gone from our family and we're desperately wanting him back. >> reporter: pastor saeed has been in prison since september 26th. tomorrow makes 4:00 months behind bars in iran, bill. bill: we'll talk to his wife next hour too. what are the hopes for a release? what are you hearing, peter? >> reporter: it is impossible to tell, bill.
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pastor saeed is held under charges of. his lawyer says, navigating their judicial system has been a nightmare. >> he has been beaten. he has been tortured. he was talking about this. he was able to get a letter to his wife describe describe. one day beaten. necessary day treated nicely. next day you will get hanged. next day you get out. they put that out in the media. this judge is not called the hanging judge for no reason. >> reporter: pastor saeed is in apparently a great deal of pain because he was beaten while being interrogated. the american center for law and justice is circulating a petition that urges president obama and the state department and every member of congress to right fight for his freedom. that petition has over 232,000 signatures but their options are limited since the u.s. and iran have no diplomatic relation, bill. bill: that is tricky one,
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peter. next hour i mentioned this we'll talk to the pastor's wife and jordan sekulow you heard in peter's report. to figure out where this man is and help he is getting. there is a medical condition of concern. perhaps is it possible the iranians took him to a different prison to get the medical treatment? that is something we're trying to figure out. martha: normal course of events they would say that and explain that to his family which they have not. a lot of attention need to be put on that story. we'll talk to her later on as bill just said. we're just getting started this morning on a busy friday. look at that. a daring attempt to save a 14-year-old boy clinging to a tree as raining waters are swirling around him. wait until you see what happens. bill: nebraska's governor signing off on a new route for the keystone pipeline but the white house is pleading for patience, for more time. the governor of nebraska is here live with his reaction to that. martha: frozen tundra. a dramatickic look how the arctic chill is spreading across the united states. look at those numbers! we'll
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see how long these temperatures are going to last. we'll be right back. >> i have another pair of pants under these pants. and this is here. >> yeah, it is tough because we're running into frozen hydrants and frozen lines. it is tough for the guys to get around with the icy conditions.
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martha: breaking news right now. we are just getting word that president obama at about 12:10 today in the east room will announce that dennis mcdonough, one of his closest and most trusted advisors, they have known and worked together for more than 10 years, he was a national security aide, he will become the white house chief of staff. he will be the fifth chief of staff for president obama, a very high number historically we've gone through. jack lew that went on to be treasury secretary. bill daly in there as well. pete rouse was also chief of staff. that will be the new job for
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dennis mcdonough. that announcement comes after noon today. bill: changing times there. changing in nebraska too. the governor signs off on a new line that could put the long-stalled keystone pipeline back on track. the new route designed to avoid the area that had environmentalists against it. the pipeline would carry up to 800,000 barrels of oil a day out of canada. a group of lawmakers are urging president obama to give the plan a thumbs up but the white house saying not so fast on that. >> the state department is conducting its assessment as appropriate and as has been standard over the years on behalf of the federal government and i don't want to get ahead of that process. you know when the state department has something to move forward on we'll obviously address that issue when it does. bill: the governor of nebraska has a big say in this. that is dave heineman. he is with me live now. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: give us an idea how
6:18 am
the new route has changed things. >> well it has changed a lot in my state because that was the key issue, the route going over the environmentally sensitive sand hills area. transcanada agreed to move it around that. we had four informational hearings. they moved it further after that. made those adjustments. i just received three weeks ago a 2000 page document. i reviewed it in detail. if you look at the our ability to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, it does that. the economically it is good news for our country and our state in terms of jobs. and the environmental impact stated in the report, it would be minimal. so i approved the route. let me just add one thing to help you and all your viewers. this was coordinated with president obama's department of state. they were with us all along the way. they have been to our four informational hearings. they have been to our public hearing. they know everything that is going on. it is really time to act, certainly about the end of this quarter they should
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act. bill: interesting. you heard the inaugural address earlier in the week about climate change. you heard john kerry's testimony yesterday. he will have a big part in this. when he is secretary of state. now john boehner is saying the white house has no choice you but to agree with this decision that you have made but will they? >> well, i don't know for sure but i would just say the president's decision is what's in the national interest of our country. well, when you think about job creation, energy independence, protecting the environment, all of that is done with this route. so to me, he is at a stage where he could approve it and should approve it. again, i don't mind him taking 60 days to review it. i understand that but let's don't, we shouldn't have this go on the entire year. it is really now time for the president to act. bill: it's a lot of jobs and goes right to the heart of our energy policy as you would argue. the left considers this product dirty oil. what do you say to that?
6:20 am
>> i say to that, look at the big picture. this is about energy independence. you know what? i've talked to young men and women who are over defending our country in the middle east because of oil. i don't want them over there for those reasons. if we reduce our dependence on middle eastern oil we'll be a lot safer in our country, economically, national kurtwise. we can move this oil relatively safely. that doesn't mean there won't be a spill. it could be localized. you can never say there won't be any spills but the report suggests it would be minimal in nature. bill: you said the company, transcanada, would be responsible for cleaning up any potential oil spill if indeed that happens. your critics are saying you flip-flopped that issue. you were against it, now you're for it. what do you say to that? >> i say, read the letter i sent over a year and a half ago. it was about the route. at the time the federal government wasn't listening. it was going to go directly through the environmentally
6:21 am
sensitive sand hills area. i called a special session. we got new legislation. it now goes around the environmentally sensitive sand hills area. that was the key point for most nebraskans. we got that accomplished. times have changed and that's why we've been able to move forward. bill: it is a fascinating issue to watch as we look at the map one more time. dave heineman, thank you, the governor of nebraska. as you stated you expect a decision by the end of march. that is something we're watching. we'll bring you back when we get close to that date. thank you, governor. >> thank you, bill. bill: enjoy your weekend. here is martha with more. martha: we take you back a year to these pictures, tahrir square in egypt. two years ago, two years since the beginning of the so-called arab spring it spread as you know throughout the entire region but has it helped? what is the situation in northern africa as a result of this? a live report coming up. bill: amazing we're looking at those images. there is a breeze in the studio. feels ike it is outside.
6:22 am
millions of you are dealing with the dangerous cold temperatures now that arctic blast is heading further south. >> we're expecting the worst. i mean you always expect the worst. doesn't matter if it is a part of a forecast or a whole one. you're always due for the worst. tt=eá7bhppmg4fé'f'kws?@5
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bill: the mystery deepens. manti te'o, what is going on? the notre dame football star sitting down with katie couric for a full hour with his parents in tow. he allowed voice mails he thought at the time he thought were from his girlfriend. have a listen. is that a man or woman on the tape? >> i am going to say good night. i love you. [inaudible]
6:26 am
i want to say i love you and good night. i be okay tonight. i will do my best. and i will talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much. sweet dreams. bill: te'o, admits likely from a male acquaintance that reportedly orchestrated the hoax. take a listen. you be the judge. man or woman. roll this. >> i just want to let you know -- and i'm getting ready for my first session and want to call you to -- [inaudible] i miss you. i love you. bye. bill: i thought it was a woman. martha: so weird top to bottom. bill: lawyer said it was a man. martha: -- reporting this it is a woman. they know who it is. bill: cousin of the guy. i thought it was a big mistake. i watched show yesterday. i thought why is this man sitting there with his parents in tow? why? martha: you know what i thought? if someone did this to you, where is the anger?
6:27 am
where is the anger? where is the mistrust? i think most would be really just appalled and ticked off and want justice and say how could anybody do this to me. bill: his nature he is forgiving buy. you can tell that. martha: i'll say. bill: i don't know why you accept to do this thing. anyway, april is the draft. we'll see whether this hurts or helps him. a lot of money on the line for him. martha: oh, it is cold out, right? look at the big chill freezing 2/3 of the nation. it is about to be followed by ice which is not good. the invasion of arctic air caused by a kink in the jet stream, did you know that? forcing a surge of frigid weather going south. you know who did that? our meteorologist, janice dean. she knows all that stuff. martha: that is a cool video he had, showing temperatures plunginging as the jet stream plunges southward. martha: i'm glad you're impressed with our weather video we led into you with.
6:28 am
>> i'm always impressed. that is courtesy of our friends from canada. you know who else is from canada? martha: you, miss janice dean of course. >> i didn't bring the cold weather. we're seeing the cold temperatures plunge southward. it is so cold we have a icy makes across the tennessee valley. we'll get to that. look at video in lawrence, massachusetts, battling a three-alarm blaze. ice coating their helmets and their uniforms. so dangerous in these freezing temperatures. the hydrants freeze. the equipment gets frozen. the ground is treacherous. apparently we had a couple of injuries with this fire. it is just one of the most dangerous conditions you can be in as a firefighter. my husband knows that. and he pointed that out, so hats off to these brave firefighters who continue to battle the fires and subfreezing temperatures across the northeast. pictures are just incredible. so, we are expecting a
6:29 am
warm-up over the next few days. that is the good news. for now we're still in the deep freeze across the great lakes and the northeast. look at mem mem frist, 29. memphis, tennessee, you could see freezing rain or sleet. we have advisories and ice storm warnings in portions of tennessee. see where we have got the pink? that is warm moist air falling through a layer of frozen air that is freezing on contact. that is why we have freezing rain advisories and. one to four inches will be messy. look at freezing rain advisories from arkansas through portions of tennessee, kentucky. atlanta, georgia as well later on today. there are your ice storm warnings in the deep purpose tell -- purple. there. we could see half a inch of glaze on the roadways as well as the power lines. that could be very, very dangerous and treacherous. please be extra careful. a quick look where the pink
6:30 am
will go across the carolinas up towards the virginias. it will mainly be a snow event north of that. unfortunately for folks that wanted the snow in new york city, not too much. we're not getting too much. martha: when is that going to happen? >> i don't know, martha. i don't know why my camera keeps moving. i'm getting seasick. my apologies. martha: you complimented the previous noaa camera move. not so one on the one that came after that. talk to you soon. great report. bill: one more thing on manti, not to obsess, we don't know when the phone recordings were made. are they old? were they recent? were this after the hoax was blown? martha: a lot of questions here. got a panel coming up. bill: more bad news for boeing's high-profile dreamliner. details what is keeping the fleet on the ground. that is not what that company wants. martha: the growing debate on the pentagon's decision to lift the ban allowing women in combat. we have a panel coming up on that, a great panel.
6:31 am
is this the right decision? a lot of emotions and thoughts on this one. stick around after the break. x
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martha: new questions on a major about-face for the military as leaders formally lift the ban on women serving in combat positions. the change opens up hundreds
6:35 am
of thousands of front line positions possibly to females, but even veterans really are split on what they think about this decision. list to some of this. >> lifting this restriction is going to allow those women who want to fight in combat positions to try and try out for them. if they can make it, good for them. there's a lot of women who won't make it. you know what? there are a lot of men who can't mack it either. >> what you said, bill, if they're not physically capable of that doing what a man would do, a wounded soldier or marine needs to be dragged off, medevaced, needs to be pulled can i count on the female soldier to do the same thing? if we look at women in combat we have to make certain standards are not eroded. >> that is interesting point. martha: that is hot one. juan williams joins me, fox political analyst. mary katharine ham, editor-at-large of, fox news contributor. what is your gut reaction, yuan? >> seems to me, i live near the old walter reed here in
6:36 am
washington. when i go to the movie or out to dinner i see women combat with injuries. to me they have already been in combat in afghanistan and iraq. i think the numbers indicate there are 150 killed in those two wars. they're technically not assigned to those combat units but they're working with them as medics, intelligence officers, truck drivers. they have been on the scene. i look what is going on in israel and canada. already women have long been integrated into those combat units. i just think, for me it looked like already had been a reality. martha: mary katherine, there's a story on the front of the "new york times" this morning about a woman had was a military photographer, who got caught in an ied situation. sh ended up dragging a soldier, 200 pound soldier out of the line of fire. some extraordinary stories. i'm just, i feel perhaps we're past the decision of, you know whether this is a female job or a male job and
6:37 am
it really does perhaps come down to capability? >> right. i know a lot of women who graduated from the service academy and been in the service a long time. incredible women. major mcclung, was the first female marine killed in iraq and she was a public affairs officer. but in reality she was on the front lines. what interesting about this, we have had time that was sort of de facto combat roles for women with these lines blurred that you actually can sort of evaluate where they were effective and how things are different between men and women on the front lines. i do think there are concerns about the fact there are differences between males and females. i do get a little concerned there will be political pressure to change the physical requirements for combat which might be detrimental it units in the field. that i think is a concern because there will be a lot of pressure to say, well, we don't want the requirements so stringent that we end up with one or two women in a unit instead of having a few. i think that is my concern
6:38 am
about where we keep those. martha: tammy duckworth side, there are guys who can't make the cut, right? >> yes. martha: there are plenty of twice who can't make the cut. if a woman, if you keep the standards as they are, there is no reason to lower any benchmarks because you don't want a decline in any way, diminish in any way your capabilities in the field. as a woman i would not want them to change the rules one iota, juan. what do you think? >> no. i mean you got to have people who can do the job. martha: right. >> that's the task. the question is are the standards, because the standards were set for men, are the standards beyond what is necessary in order to do the job? you want to make sure somehow standards that were set a long time ago are not discriminatory. remember, we're in an age where you have to be able to handle computers, even your gun is a computer these days. and so there are lots of requirements that wouldn't have, in terms of your intelligence, your reaction time, your ability to help and work as a unit, i don't think that are necessarily
6:39 am
about your strength or weight, even when it comes to hauling somebody off the battlefield, it is a matter of look, we're all warriors, and nobody gets left behind here. martha: the sensibility issue here, i want to put this quote to mary katherine, there is sensibility issue here. let's look at this quote from president obama. it really struck me when i saw these words. every american can be proud our military will grow stronger with our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters playing a great he will role in protecting the country we love. it put an image in mind, our mothers, our daughters, our sisters? it conjures up a lot of things. and i wonder when they're out there and in these combat positions, whether, you know, men feel this protective instinct to some certain extent that might change the dynamic out there. i don't know if that is the case. mary katherine you take that on and then juan. >> i do think it is not something we can entirely
6:40 am
discount. it is powerful cultural norm to protect. not necessarily all cultural and sometimes can be biological and hardwired. that is something to worry about unit cohesiveness and how that works. the military is very good accommodating new things and working through these and making them merit-based. i hope that is indeed what will happen. the reality even though you needless brute strength than you did in the past you're still running around with that battle gear on and sometimes hundreds of pounds of stuff you have to carry with you in long periods of time in afghanistan especially and joint problems are a bigger problem than they are for men. >> you know what worries me? you know, women get captured and then of course raped and attacked physically. and then the whole question about whether or not, some guys got the hot for somebody else in his unit. and that breaks down unit cohesion. those are issues, especially the rape issue, i think all americans will have to deal with. if it is your her or sister. martha: these women are in
6:41 am
the divisions anyway in terms of their exposure in the military. >> would have been nice to have a congressional conversation about it before we went all-in. >> it already is 15% of the military. >> combat is different than just the military. martha: thank you very much. mary katharine ham, juan williams. always a pleasure. bill: right about 20 minutes now before the hour. and boeing, the dreamliner, fleet has been kept on the ground indefinitely, saying it is far from completing its investigation. that from the ntsb. airlines around the world grounded the 787s after a pair of battery fires. one forced a flight to make an emergency landing in japan. the other caused a battery fire onboard a dreamliner after it landed in boston. the head of the ntsb said they identified some of the battery problems but still do not know the cause. >> we know the lithium ion battery experienced a thermal runaway. we know that there were
6:42 am
short circuits and we know that there was a fire. the work that we continue to do will tell us why these things happened. we have a number of next steps. we are early in our investigation. we have a lot of activities to you know take. we're going to be completing those lab exams that we talked about with that incident battery, and documenting all of those. bill: she also told "the seattle times" she would expect the grounding to last months and not weeks. that's the last thing the company wants to hear. safe flying. a lot on the line. martha? martha: some new reaction to what is called the most far-reaching gun proposals in u.s. history but does it address the real problem of what happened in newtown? the leadership of the gun owners of america weighs in. bill: also, there was a new poll that showed president
6:43 am
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and start loving life again, today. martha: a safety scare forcing a complete shutdown at salt lake city international airport. freezing rain and ice sent a plane skidding across the tarmac. that can not be a good feeling. a passenger on that frontier airlines flight said it seemed like the pilot just lost control. >> as we were pulling in, it just felt like the whole plane was just kind of going sideways on the tarmac, and so it was a very uncomfortable feeling. but it wasn't scary by any means. martha: people are so calm, saying it wasn't scaring. i would be flipping out of the after the incident the control tower close the airport for three hours stranding hundreds of passengers. it can snow there in salt lake. bill: how about this one? new developments in the debate over your second amendment rights after california senator dianne
6:47 am
feinstein unveiled a new assault weapons ban said to go further than the previous law which expired eight years ago. we have the director of communications for gun owners of america. welcome back to "america's newsroom." we have not spoken since yesterday. what do you think of the proposal? >> well it is very far-reaching. it will certainly not keep bad guys from getting their hands on these type of firearms. bill: why not? >> well, what ban actually has worked? it certainly didn't work in washington, d.c. where they had virtually complete ban and yet still able to get firearms. look, connecticut had an even stricter semiauto ban up there and that didn't top adam lanza from killing his vix ims his mother and the firearms. bill: on that point, you heard senator feinstein and many others and you will probably hear joe biden say this later today, this law was designed to prevent more sandy hooks. now based on what you know about the law, would it or not? >> absolutely not. and if they really wanted to
6:48 am
stop future sandy hooks they would repeal the gun free zones law which prevents principals and teachers from being able to protect the children like joel myrick, the assistant principal in mississippi did with his firearm many years ago. that is how you stop. when bad guys get a gun as they're going to, and they show up at a school, rather than waiting 15 or 20 minutes for the police to arrive because they can't be everywhere, you need to have somebody. it is sad that a parent can defend his children at home but he goes to school and he can't defend children there. these gun-free zones have been simply maagnets for the criminal element. if you go back,10, 20 years, all the mass shootings in this country except for one or two occurred in gun-free zones. they may be evil but they're not stupid. they don't go shoot up police stations. they go where they are only ones that have a gun. bill: you agree it is uphill battle. >> i do agree it is an uphill battle. bill: do you think harry
6:49 am
reid will bring this to a vote? he already talked about the sensitivity putting own members of the democratic senate on record on this issue. >> i'm not sure what harry reid is going to do. he may bring it up for a vote. if he does we're hoping that we'll be able to offer amendments like what i was just talking about, that would be a real solution in repealing these gun bans which are attracting criminals to go shoot up places where they're going to be the only one with a gun. bill: we saw the images yesterday. senator feinstein was out there with a number of weapons that she believes should be off the streets. this proposal will in effect do that. but here she is, from 1995, explaining why all the way back in the 1970s that even she felt she needed to defend herself in california. >> i know the urge to arm yourself because that's what i did. i was trained in firearms. i walked to the hospital when my husband was sick.
6:50 am
i carried a concealed weapon. i made the determination if somebody was going to try to take me out, i was going to take them with me. bill: just for clarification here, she allowed her permit to expire. she was under a serious threat in california. how do you rectify the feinstein from the '70s and '90s from the one today? >> i think we think it is very hypocritical. i mean here she carried for protection and i would applaud her for that. to this day she is still very well-protected. on capitol hill there is 1800 capitol hill police there protecting her, many of them with ar-15 style firearms. for her to turn around and tell the american public what they can and can't use for self-defense is simply offensive and hypocritical, especially when you consider these are commonly-owned firearms. president reagan owned an ar-15 rifle. these are in households across the country. millions of homes have them.
6:51 am
this will be, a lot of people will be very upset if they're told that they're not going to either be able to own these or they're going to be restricted, or have to get them registered in any way. bill: as you know she made the news yesterday. joe biden will make news on this today. eric pratt, we'll watch and wait for the vice president. thanks for your time a lot of thoughts on this. the e-mail is and on twitter, @billhemmer. because you asked. bya. to talk about this. >> there are big changes coming in the republican party. louisiana governor bobby jindal hitting his own party hard, saying the gop has to stop, quote, being the stupid party, in his opinion. republicans are gathering to talk about this and the way forward for the party. carl call ron on that live. bill: check out this. this is a daring rescue caught on tape. what this teenager did that nearly cost him and a firefighter their lives hey, our salads.
6:52 am
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bill: so a teenager's bad decision puts him in danger and nearly takes the life of the man trying to save him. this is the scene. this is queensland, australia after a recent cyclone. that is 14-year-old stranded clinging to life by a tree after he made the decision to go for a swim in a rising creek. and that was the no the right call, folks. firefighters, reached him. gave him a lifejacket. they got him to safety. but one of the rescuers was swept away by the rushing waters. you will see that in a moment. he too made it safely back to shore. this was one of about 20 water rescues in the area. he is 14 years old. he made a poor choice. he is lucky to be alive because of it. if you watch the waters and the way they go down.
6:56 am
that is a rushing river out of nowhere. australia, northeastern part of the country. martha: brand new protests breaking out in egypt exactly two years to the day after demonstrators first took to the streets in a bid to kick then president hosni mubarak out of office. [shouting]. listen to that. many in the crowd saying that the goals of the pro-democracy uprising have not been met and denouncing their new islamist president. conor powell joins us live in the middle east bureau. he has followed this story for the last couple of years. what are they demanding now conor? >> reporter: martha, the anger and frustration of protesters are on display. thousands of protesters across the country have turned out but the largest protests have been in cairo ticks larly -- particularly in tahrir square. it is not the type of violence we've seen in other protests. now the protesters are essentially saying that the
6:57 am
revolution of two years ago has been hijacked, particularly by the muslim brotherhood who is now in power, led by president mohammed morsi. the protesters and the opposition groups are particularly concerned they feel the government is no longer or not working on the part of all egyptians. they really want a government that is seen being on side of all egyptians, not just sort of special interest groups. corruption is still across the board a problem in egypt. the economy is stagnant there. so opposition groups are really unhappy with the direction of the country and this is their chance to sort of turn out and to express that anger, martha. martha: boy, this is the story of our times in terms of foreign policy for the coming year. conor, thank you so much. we'll see you soon. bill: there are thousands heading to the national mall in washington. it is called the largest human rights demonstration in the world. we are live to tell you what that's all about in just minutes. martha: and missing, now, in iran, they do not know where this american pastor who is
6:58 am
being held in iran is. his family now can't find hill. they visit him every week and now he is gone. big questions. we will speak to his wife after this. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. martha: boy, huge crowd. 100,000 people are expected to descend on the nation's capitol today for what's expected to be one of the biggest pro-life demonstrations in history. the march for life activists rallying to overturn the 1973 roe v. wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide. a huge rally today. we welcome you, we are here in new york, to the second hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. some of washington's biggest names will rally supporters today, including house speaker john boehner and many others. martha: doug mckelway is live on the scene here at the national mall. he has more for us this morning.
7:02 am
who else is expected to make an appearance there today? >> reporter: a lot of people, martha. we'll get to that in just a second. this is really a key moment for the pro-life movement, perhaps a watershed moment because it follows re-election after president many of these people believe to be the most liberal president since fdr or woodrow wilson. this is occurring on the 40th anniversary of the roe v. wade supreme court decision. the pro-life movement says over that period of time, over 45 years, 55 million abortions have been rmed . they will be hearing from videotape from house speaker john boehner. they will hear from two guys who may have their sights set on the white house in 2016. former presidential candidate, pennsylvania senator, rick santorum and rand paul who may have his sights on the white house in 2016. they have already heard from the pope. you know the pope recently entered the twitterverse. he tweeted this morning this, i quote, i join all those
7:03 am
marching for live from afar and pray the political leaders will protect the unborn and protect the culture of life. festivities get underway at noon. very light crowd at this point. because it is so-called out, martha, we expect the crowd to fill in a lot more as the morning progresses. martha: that may have an impact on it today. back in the congressional races there was some real impact from the pro-life movement in terms of the outcome there. you know, what's the reaction within this group for that in terms of how they see themselves right now and their position? >> reporter: well, you recall that the elections, the battles i should say, richard murdoch and todd akin in indiana and missouri, those two guys were soundly defeated based on their pro-life stances in very inopportune comments they made about rape. the left used that to tremendous effect to diminish their chances but to tie them to the republican party as a whole. in that context it will be very interesting to see what rand paul has to say.
7:04 am
he has his eyes set, perhaps, some are speculating on the white house in 2016. he has a bit more of a nuanced approach. he believes in the absolute pro-life position except in those cases of rape an incest. so we'll be watching what he has to say today. very, very closely. martha: doug, thank you very much. for more on the context of this, let's take a look at some of the numbers. bill: yeah, last year's march for life rally was estimated at 400,000 people. more state level restrictions on abortions were passed in 2012 than in any previous year. stats show the rate of abortions has been declining over the last decade. martha: new mexico lawmaker defending a bill that critics claim outlaws abortion after rape. republican state legislator cathrynn brown said the bill she introduced is being misinterpreted. critics argue under the proposal a rape victim could be charged with a felony and face up to three years in prison if she aboortz a
7:05 am
child conceived in the rape. representative brown says it was meant to target perpetrators of rape or incest who try to could have their tracks by forcing those victims to have abortions. she will clarify the language to remove any ambiguity. you can see why that has some people upset. bill: fox news alert. waiting major announcements from the white house of the president obama getting set to name new members of his administration. including chief of staff denness mcdonough. one of the president's long-time national security aides will get that powerful position. we'll bring you the news when it happens from the white house. it is news that is breaking now. meanwhile republican lawmakers from every state in the country coming together in charlotte, north carolina. the republican national committee holding its first winter meeting of the year. keynote speaker, louisiana governor bobby jindal held little back with his sharp
7:06 am
words at republicans last night urging his own party he says, to rethink their arguments against democrats and its appeal to voters. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. [laughter] i'm serious. time for a new republican party that talks like adults. it is time to artic late our plans and our visions for america in real terms. it is no secret we had a number about republicans that damaged the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments. i'm here to say we had enough of that. bill: chief political correspondent carl cameron is in heart of all this in charlotte, north carolina. what, taking a long look at the party? what are you hearing, carl? >> reporter: a rigorous self-appraisal and hard look from republicans and candid about the 2012 elections and if they want to become competitive in parties in future. reince priebus is likely to get reelected chairman. last night bobby jindal says they have to be tough on
7:07 am
itself and tough love to recover defreets from -- defeats last year. i talked to reince priebus the chairman, and both are tough trying to send a message to members that they have to get the tone and presentation back in order. listen. >> treating people with dignity and respect is first and foremost. i think that you lose more voters by tone, treatment, dignity, respect, how you communicate. look, a couple idiotic comments from a couple of candidates can change the flavor of how a particular party is seen. >> we've got to stop insulting the tell against of voters. we need to trust the smarts of the american people. [applause] we've got to stop talking down to them. we've got to stop up didding down our ideas and stop reducing everything to mindless slogans and tag lines for 30 second ideas. [applause] we must have the courage of our convicts, our
7:08 am
principles. we must be willing to provide details in describing our views. >> reporter: it boils down in short that republicans are arguing that conservative principles need to be better articulated and advocated. one of the ways they do that is what a lot of people think are hostile rhetoric, focusing what conservatism can do to advance the country. jindal made the point of washington is obsessed with zeros. too much fixation on the budget and deficit. that is an important thing to be dealt with in government matters but all on democratic terms. republicans are not in favor of growing government and discussion of debt is always about government and therefore more favorable to the left, bill. bill: there are those, and you well know, that argue against that and think it is just a ground game that did it in november. that has to be improved. i'm certain they will address that too, carl. >> reporter: very, very aggressively. a digital campaign. not waiting as they did in the 2012 cycle to the last minute to start a ground game. basically starting it now
7:09 am
for four years from now. bill: thank you. carl cameron live in charlotte, north carolina. martha: boy, here is a story you haven't thought about for a while. chandra levy is back in the news today. we're getting word there are new hearings being held in her murder case. levy is the former congressional intern that was murdered over decade ago. she had an affair with congressman gary condit and it took years to find and convict her killer. that conviction may be in jeopardy based on new information. federal prosecutors are not telling her parents what that new information is. >> they haven't really said because it is all secret. you know, but would they have to have another trial or have another suspect or whatever? we don't know. they can't tell us because it is secret. martha: you can tell they're frustrated, right? the next hearing is scheduled for february 7th. bill: there was a new call for justice in a rape case that has gained national attention. students in steubenville,
7:10 am
ohio, delivering a petition with 70,000 signatures to the tone general. they are calling for the full prosecution of two high school football players charged with raping a 16-year-old girl and demanding action from onlookers and those engaged in the rape what they allege to be a cover-up. attorney general mike dewine of ohio says he appreciates their concern. >> it is tough to be a victim and we have to give services to them. so i applaud their concern about that. we have the same interest that they do and that is, we seek justice. bill: well the decision there is now in, in that case rather is in the hands of the attorney general. a judge expected to decide whether or not that should be closed to the public. the ag and the girl as parents want the trial closed in steubenville. martha: tough story. after campaigning on promise of hope and change, there a new poll that came out this
7:11 am
morning that people see president obama as one of the most pole a la rising presidents of history. we'll talk to chris wallace about that after the break. bill: cold outside. feels good in january. we needed it after all, right? it is january. there is new misery for some of the victims of up zoo are storm soon did i. they're -- superstorm sandy. live to staten island, new york. martha: tough time for them. a shocking new twist of the american pastor who is being held in a prison in iran. now his family, iranian members which visit him regularly, say he is missing from the prison. we'll talk to his wife just a few minutes away. >> they don't know where he is as of now. there was no notice. they were not, they were not aware anything, if he was moved or where he is and the guards couldn't give them answers and we're hoping to be able to find out where he is.
7:12 am
7:13 am
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7:15 am
bill: there is new video out of syria today showing the civil war moving closer to the heart of the capital city damascus. those are government warplanes pounding rebel-held areas near the city. troops loyal to the president are fighting the rebels for control of a strategic road that links the city with the main airport. the fighting is part of a larger regime offensive to clear out rebels from the strongholds around damascus. martha: well, some new numbers just out show president obama on the fast track to becoming one of the most polarizing presidents in u.s. history. how do they figure that out? this is a look at the "gallup poll" and it shows approval ratings. you see democrats have an 86% approval rating for the president. republicans way down at 10% in the job that he did in his fourth year in office. that is a 76 percentage point gap. that is how they measure it.
7:16 am
it ties another recent president, george w. bush, for the most polarizing presidents the way they put it of all time. chris wallace joins me now, the anchor of "fox news sunday." good morning, chris. >> food morning, martha. martha: what is the meaning of that number do you think? >> well it shows there is not a lot of common ground for the president. this was his polling number last year for the campaign year. i don't think given his inaugural address which pushed a very assertive liberal agenda that it will be much different this year, perhaps even the next four years. there is not a lot of common ground with this president. either you like him or really don't like him. he is perceived as a liberal, and somebody who will push a liberal agenda. martha: yeah. i have the same thought in terms of bringing things together. we did hear a lot about hope and change. when president obama then senator, ran against george bush he talked so much about the divisiveness in washington and how things were going to change. you wonder, sort of, how
7:17 am
dispointing that is for him, on a personal level. and we'll not know the answer to that. when i look at the roots of it. it seems to be perhaps entitlements, issue of entitlements and ronald reagan, you know, spoke so much about that and about taxes as well. >> well, i think that the real turning point for this president was that debt debate over the debt ceiling in july and august of 2011 and there an opportunity there and it came close, and i will not ascribe blame because there is probably enough going around when it looked like the president and john boehner were able to make a grand bargain, 3, $4 trillion in deficit reduction, it fell apart and rightly or wrongly it seems clear that the president and the white house decided at that point, we can't do business with these guys. boehner can't control the tea party element in his own house. and we're going to have to start running for president and running for president, pushing a liberal agenda. really from mid-summer,
7:18 am
boehner says from labor day of 2011, he was very much running for president, pushing the liberal agenda. he was the protector of the middle class. and it is continued up through his re-election and now we see it in his inaugural address, very little talk about common ground. you know he basically dismissed his republican opposition as absolutism, as name-calling. i think you will see a very aggressive, assert tiff push by this president. in a sense, there is nothing wrong with that. there are other presidents that tried to do the same thing. look at ronald reagan in 1981 said, government isn't the solution, government is the problem. i think this president takes a very different view that government and government programs are the solution. and you will see him try to be just as transformational in his final four years as ronald reagan was. martha: that is exactly what we're talking about. charles: krauthamer was talking about that as well. reagan and obama have
7:19 am
similarities in terms of taking the country in opposite directions in terms of a progressive agenda or conservative agenda. we will see if that what is the president starts out to accomplish. chris, thanks so much. we'll see you on this sunday, on "fox news sunday" where chris will discuss women in combat with retired colonel martha mcfally and retired lt. general jerry boykins. he will talk about because benghazi. senator john kerry's nomination, that battle is underway. illinois senator dick durbin and senator bob corker both on the committee to oversee that confirmation. they will be with chris coming up this sunday. bill: we've been watching this picture from cairo, egypt, now. this is the second year anniversary of the ousting of hosni mubarak. we were watching tahrir square last hour, this appears to be the military in egypt responding to those who were allegedly commemorating the date of
7:20 am
the revolution, responding now with tear gas-fired back in the other direction. this has gone back and forth now. what you see, 5:18 in the evening. you're coming up on dusk there in egypt. we'll see what nighttime holds. in the past sometimes this is like the time of day. it is friday. it is after prayers. you see the camera come down to reveal just how many people gathered in the streets of the not quite sure which way this is going but we want to share that with you and let you know we're watching that in cairo. that is happening now. martha: and the mystery behind a bizarre hoax gets more and more curious the more we learn. look? >> i just want to let you know -- [inaudible] i'm get being ready for my first session. try to keep you posted. i miss you. i love you. bye. martha: that is lennay who didn't exist. notre dame football star man
7:21 am
tie te'o is releasing new voice mails. why would he do that? what is the nature of these voice mails? when were they recorded? are the voice of a man or woman? so many questions. our legal panel weighs in. bill: lock the doors and close the window, folks. a mass escape happening right now. 15,000 crocodiles are on the loose. martha: oh my. bill: goose. ♪ . chronic osteoarthritis pain.
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7:24 am
martha: some breaking news just crossing moments ago. we can now confirm that senator sachs by chambliss,
7:25 am
from georgia, republican from georgia will not seek a third term next year. he is a two-term senator. a member of "gang of six" who sought to find a way to reduce the debt. he recently voted in favor of the fiscal cliff. in his last race in '08 it was a tighter race in the democrat in that district than they thought it was going to be. he was victorious. he will not seek a third term. that leaves his seat an open question in the state of georgia. more on that, saxby chambliss will not run for another term. bill: meantime that arctic blast so many are feeling right now gripping the northeast, bringing new misery to the victims of superstorm sandy. nearly three months after that devastating storm, thousands are without power. that means no heat. some are living in tents without that heat. that's especially hard right now since it is only 16 degrees real temperature. david lee miller live in staten island where the wind
7:26 am
has been blowing for some time. david lee, good morning. >> reporter: the wind has been blowing and it is very cold in staten island. over my shoulder is up with of the tents you're talking about. one of the tents where residents who lost virtually everything have to live. beyond the tent, beyond the tree line, that is the beach here. the water began to pour in from this direction when sandy struck. the water moved in this direction here. you see what was left, what was a home. a pile of debris, completely destroyed. there are still thousands and thousands in this area, living under very dire conditions. that is why they have set up this tent city here in the area. warming centers are in the city of new york set up. they only operate during the daytime hours. after 4:00 people have to fend for themselves. this center here, is operated 24 hours a day. staffed entirely by volunteers. let me just show you very quickly.
7:27 am
we'll go inside. i would like you to meet the woman who has made all of this possible. donna, you have for 80 days now, volunteered, spent every day making this tent city possible. what would happen if it wasn't here? >> these people would have in way of eating. they would freeze. they have no, they actually call this their comfort zone, kind of a place to get away from every day of seeing no walls and dealing with the mold and the cold. >> reporter: you provide heat. you provide three meals a day and you provide hope? >> yes. >> reporter: how much longer do you think this facility will be needed? >> it looks like it will be a long process. i mean these people aren't getting insurance, fema money to rebuild. and it's a shame that is taking so long. >> reporter: thanks so much for speaking with us. as bad as it is now, bill, there is a report that it will not only stay cold the next 48 hours, there is word snow is on the way.
7:28 am
many will come here to next few days to seek help and warmth. bill: they don't need that. david lee, thank you. it will be a long weekend. could get another arctic blast next week after things just warm up a little. our best to all of them. david lee miller, staten island, new york. martha: to this story now. there are serious new concerns about the american pastor who has been in jail in an infamous prison in iran. his family now says that he is not there. his iranian family members went to visit him and they can't find him. more in this dramatic case as we interview his wife. bill: also you can only join this gym if you're at least 50 pounds overweight! anything under that, forget it. now why would that be? ♪ . [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
7:29 am
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7:33 am
held captive according to his family. i'm certain that this is a lot of time that holds a lot of attention for you. but what would explain why he would be reporting missing is there an explanation for that. >> good morning and thank you for having me this morning. we don't know where he is. his family is usually able to communicate with him. it's been normal visitation time the prison and the guards cannot tell where he was. bill: so there is a family that you have been keeping in touch with and they have called you with updates sometimes daily. what was the last time you talked to him.
7:34 am
>> they raided their house and took saeed abedini to prison. they have also been on some sort of house arrest for his trial and also their own. and they have been able to see him every other thursday at a prison visit. i have been in contact with them the entire time. and they were not able to see him this thursday and the guards said that they would not tell where he was. bill: his lawyer wanted him transferred to another prison because of a medical condition. is it possible that that happened? >> yes, he had serious medical conditions and he was not being treated because some of those doctors and nurses considered him unclean because of his christian faith. on monday they presented the
7:35 am
defense and had asked that he be treated in a better cell. we are hoping that that is the case and that his family gets the answers of the next few days. bill: so that is a possibility. >> yes, that is a possibility. bill: what is his medical condition and what is he suffering from? >> we are not 100% sure. we knew that he was dealing with some infections. he talks about internal pain and that he is not being treated with medication or with pain medication that other patients get treated with because they consider him unclean. but i know he has talked about some infection internally as well, and also some pain. i know he has had been beaten. i'm not sure what those medical conditions are 100%, but his
7:36 am
lawyer was concerned about his health and have been asked that he be treated and be moved to a better prison cell and get better treatment. bill: you have talked about him being subjected to torture behind bars as well. you hope the best for him. thank you very much. i want to bring in george very quickly. he has been working the legal side of this. how is the u.s. government or the department of state and health helping? >> it has really been since monday that we knew saeed abedini was okay. there is a second day of trials that he wasn't allowed to attend. he didn't get the phone call on wednesday with his family. his family showed up yesterday and he wasn't there. now it's it is friday, the day is over in iran. it's a number of days to be missing when the judge has been labeled by the u.s. government as the hanging judge. but unfortunately even with all of this, the u.s. state department has still refused to call for his release and that is very important.
7:37 am
i know they can't snap your fingers and solve this problem overnight. we do not have an embassy there. but for other countries that do, they need some kind of guidance -- the state diplomat of the united states thinks it's okay for us to push for this. i need that as we work with the family of saeed abedini here in the united states. bill: why would washington not to be that? mcabee remembered the national security council statement, that was a paper statement that was given to a fox news correspondent who asked the question in a press briefing. you can e-mail the national security council and get that. but it's not very public. if they are able to do that -- that is the cia, department of defense, the top security advisers of the country and making a case statement like that in 24 or 48 hours. the state department's coming up with with excuse after excuse. the privacy act prevents him
7:38 am
from doing anything because they didn't find the right form by the swiss embassy that we use in iran. whether the iranian government do that? bill: that's a good question. >> there are exemptions from the president could issue an executive order. checking passengers here in europe and the flight program. there is an emergency exception. they don't have to get any kind of waiver at all. if someone's life is at risk for they are in danger, they can use that information. all of these legal excuses have an answer. bill: i appreciate your information. did you try reaching his family today in iran? or is that something you will try again tomorrow? >> yes, we are in contact on a daily basis b1 my best to you, and we will be in touch. thank you to both of you. we will only hope for the best, certainly. twenty-three minutes before the top of the hour.
7:39 am
martha: there is some serious new concerns about the safety of the new boeing 787 dreamliner. officials are still trying to figure out what caused a battery to fail earlier this month. >> there are multiple systems to protect against a system fire like this. those systems did not do not work as intended. we need to understand why. martha: yes, we do. jim springer joins us now. >> that's right, this problem did not sneak up on us. a fire was sparked over six years ago that exploded during a test. this was an arizona company called that was a boeing contractor. they make a charter for the 787 boeing plane. during some testing, 60-pound
7:40 am
battery life. blew up. there is no doubt that the agency put special conditions on the battery installation of those planes. but as you heard yesterday, the safety systems that boeing put into place to prevent a battery from overheating and catching fire certainly have failed. a serious problem indeed. martha: is there a timeline of when they expect it will be able to get the plane back in the air? >> they did not say how long it would take, but we are talking about months instead of weeks. the least were the planes to fly again. they are courting meeting with japanese officials that are investigating a second overheated battery that forced an emergency landing there. the company that makes the batteries as they are. officials say the batteries are just fine. the same ones have been used in satellites for years with no
7:41 am
problems. experts say it is not what this will be a quick fix. >> the 787 will be on ground for in indefinite periods. whether that's a couple of months or longer time, we do not know. >> united airlines has been able to use other airlines and take the six dreamliner so they have added service. the united ceo said they have full confidence that they will eventually return to the boeing 787. martha: thank you so much. bill: 15,000 crocodiles making a break for it. they are escaping from a commercial farm in south africa. wranglers catching one of the nile crocodiles. that means 1499 crocodiles to
7:42 am
go. experts are warning people to stay indoors. [laughter] martha: just when you thought it couldn't get any more reared, it did. the notre dame linebacker manti te'o released voicemails from the woman claiming to be his online girlfriend. they are creating not a lot of answers, actually a lot more questions. we are going to play these e-mails -- i mean, voicemails for you coming up next. bill: and a man fights off a robber trying to rob his house. what he did is send the burglar running for his life. >> theater going to be near him,
7:43 am
>> theater going to be near him, one of us has to go.resso. this is my house and my home. you gotta taste this soup. music: "make someone happy" you gotta taste this soup. music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪'s so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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7:46 am
bill: mark cites the that he was in his wheelchair watching tv when he heard his home being broken into. he is a wheelchair-bound veteran. >> police are now looking for the would-be burglar. mark is keeping his guard even closer than before. he chased them off. martha: a bizarre twist on the hoax that fooled notre dame football star manti te'o. the 21-year-old releasing three voicemails now that he said that he thought were from his online girlfriend. it turns out that she never existed. someone else was on the other end of the cost. listen to these calls.
7:47 am
>> i don't know who interviewed john and i don't care. i swear my life i'm trying to be made clear what you want. take care. martha: there some acting going on there. a twisted story. i enjoyed by arthur ardell end doctor henry cried. we are going to start with this. the latest call comes from a so-called cousin who is playing the role of the girl in all of this. a cousin of ronaiah tuiasosopo. what is your reaction to this?
7:48 am
do you believe these voicemails? you think they were created after the fact? >> that is a good question. i don't know if they have timestamps or ways to figure that out, but that would be a key piece of evidence and the whole thing. my whole question about this would be if he were in my office, and if i were working with him and he told me he just had this relationship by phone only, that is a lot of creation of fantasy by little information martha: if we can pull up the quote from the source about this cousin who is supposedly the voice that everyone has heard. they say oh, this girl had had a prior relationship with another guy that broke out. and then the source said that
7:49 am
tina was ronaiah tuiasosopo's name and in fact she was talking to another person and he plays football for notre dame. how weird is that? >> you want to know why. what is the motivation here? what raises my eyebrow is the person most likely to gain in the hoax is the football player if he won the heisman trophy because he played over the top. you know, huge financial money rolls his way. what are the hoax goals? what are the legal ramifications -- it is a crime to criminally impersonate someone. but you have to be trying to get something. you have to be trying -- there
7:50 am
has to be an ending to it. if i just call you and say, you know, i'm your child's teacher and you have to come to school because your child has a bloody nose and they really don't, that's not a crime. >> be to they are calling him every single day, now there is a car crash -- i want to take the piece of this katie couric interview that was done that was aired yesterday. she asked some very logical questions. why did you never make really serious efforts to meet this woman? here's what he said. >> line the world when you go visit this girl in the hospital -- this young woman whom you claim is the love of your life? why wouldn't you go see her? >> i get the phone call ended two weeks later i get to go home. so i end up in san diego, which
7:51 am
is too far for me to go to the hospital. then i fly to los angeles in the layover time was too short. >> into two-hour drive from san diego to los angeles, that just doesn't make sense to me. martha: he clearly didn't want to meet this woman. doctor? >> that's the whole thing. there is a lot of fantasy going on inside of his head or made-up story going on. to the other point, why would the other side do this -- people do weird sorts of things to other people out of envy and they do it out of control. there is a huge amount of psychological payoff for them. bill: manti te'o would be the one to press charges, and he didn't even appear to be that
7:52 am
angry. >> she could file a lawsuit. but there would be financial ramifications. martha: thank you very much. bill: if you want to burn off some pounds, you have to meet some requirements in this fitness gym.slow. we will tell you what's happening coming up next. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. i got this snapshot thing from progressive,
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plugged it into my car, and got a discount just for being the good driver i've always been. i'm just out here, snap-shooting it forward. you don't want to have to pay for other people's bad driving, do you? no. with progressive snapshot, you don't have to. i'm going to snap right now. bam, there it is. goes underneath your dash. keep safe, and keep saving. you know, i won't always be around to save you money. that's why you should get snapshot from progressiv all right, dude! thanks! to the safe go the savings.
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7:55 am
martha: we have breaking news to report. a federal appeals court has just judged that president obama violated the constitution when he made recess appointments to the national labor relations board. he wanted to appoint to the labor relations board and the senate claims you can't do that because we are not in recess.
7:56 am
they would show up and gavel and to continue the appearance and reality in their mind that they were indeed in session. he said they were not in session, he went ahead and made the appointment, and the federal appeals court has ruled that unconstitutional. bill: how about that. moving on to a gym with one strict requirement to join. you have to be 50 pounds or more overweight. casey has more on the situation. reporter: there are all kinds of special needs gyms and fitness center places out there for women and why not one for people who are a little overweight? that is exactly the concept does -- the concept here at this dallas, texas, jim. clients tell us that it's the supportive environment.
7:57 am
>> at other gyms i felt like a fish out of water. i never really fit in. reporter: the outside glass is faster for privacy and the equipment is designed for larger folks. bill: what happens if you are under 50 pounds overweight? what happens when you lose the weight? the monthly cost is comparable to other gyms and you are still allowed to retain your membership. they have lost collectively 800 pounds in september. bill: kacey siegal live in dallas, thank you. martha: washington's chandra
7:58 am
leave the is back ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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